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    The Right Wing Extremism of Walter White

    In analyzing Breaking Bad I noticed some themes starting to develop throughout. Walter White is anti-welfare, anti-immigrant, and anti-government in nature. I understand that Vince Gilligan has claimed he aimed not to make a political statement with Breaking Bad, but given today’s context we can extrapolate our own meaning out of Walter’s actions. Tell us what you think of Walter White. Is he a far right extremist?

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      As a man who used to watch sitcoms all day, I agree that they’re hurting our society. I feel as though even when comedy is trying to be feminist it comes off insincere. Sitcoms portray sexism as not only normal, but humorous, or an admirable quality for a likable douche. I feel so strongly about changing societal sexism that I, a Latino male, learned to cook, and I cook my mother and grandmother meals constantly. I also learned it kind of rocks to be good at cooking. You can have good food whenever you want, and you don’t have to wait for somebody else to cook it. Feminism rocks!

      Reinforcing the Traditional Patriarchal ideologies through Situation Comedies

      I feel like the idea of a Shadow is much more creatively freeing than the idea of an antagonist. I find that the idea of a polar opposite, or oppositional force is useless. I find if a character faces self hate, the best opposition is someone who agrees with the character. The best villain for a man who feels out of place within his race is a racist. A good villain for a hero on the verge of letting go is a man who already let go. The best villain for a man who always tries to do the right thing is somebody that obscures what’s right and wrong. I think a Shadow, or repressed desire is the best type of opposition a story can have.

      Working with The Shadow: A Writer's Guide

      Writing in my opinion can only be learned one way: obsession. I believe you can watch something over and over again and not know how to replicate it. I believe success can be had with dumb luck once, but not often twice. I believe the only way to consistently write great is to obsessively break down why something works, why it didn’t, and understand how the different variables you introduce changes the equation.

      Can you Teach Someone how to Become a Writer?