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    The Simpsons: Explaining the longevity of America's favourite yellow family

    It is generally thought among critics, fans, and even producers that The Simpsons has been on the decline since season nine. Having said this, it has been recently renewed for another two seasons, 27 and 28. This begs the question: is it the case that the Simpsons has actually declined in quality? Surely enough people watch it for it to have held onto its Sunday night time slot these 26 years. How has the Simpsons lasted this long despite an apparent decline in quality?

    • I think now the show just acts as some background noise. It's put on when you're doing something else and you want o have something on the tv you're comfortable with. The Simpsons is kind of like an old friend now that you still like but probably haven't seen in a while. It's still a decent show but I think its become we as an audience are starting to passively consume and because of its longevity it's become harder and harder to cancel. – Jamie 9 years ago

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    Completely agree – very evocative of Carpenter’s work from the 1970s (Halloween, specifically).

    It Follows and The Power of Sex

    Excellent article about an excellent show. From the mid-90s FOX lineup, I’ve always gravitated towards King of the Hill as certainly being the most human of its brethren. I think your article is a wonderful analysis of the show. Well done.

    King of The Hill: Mockery of Values

    I think the real triumph of this movie is Mickey Rourke – he showed the world that his days as a true player are far from being over.

    The Wrestler: The Inevitability of Growing Old

    Absolutely adored this film; one of the strangest, most creative, and engaging horror films I’ve ever seen. Love the analysis!

    It Follows and The Power of Sex