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    Fitness inspiration in Dragon Ball Super

    Dragon Ball Super contains a numerous amount of scenes where the Z fighters are maintaining their fitness levels. The belief that a Saiyan has no limits seems to be true as Goku and Vegeta constantly go beyond their limits that were set for them. This is also true with humans and the human limit, correct? No one believed a man could ever climb Mt. Everest or break four minutes for the mile. Well both of those were obtained by humans… multiple times. Is their Saiyan pride deep down in every human?

    • This will be a great article if you could incorporate the phenomenon of "hysterical strength" which I believe will tie-in nicely with a saiyan going beyond his limits. – Joestar 5 years ago

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    I never viewed the show or card game as such. Though I definitely see the horrors of gambling and slavery in the show.

    Yu-Gi-Oh!: Terrifying or Inspiring?

    My imagination runs wild on the notepad when I am traveling. Coming from the South in Atlanta, when I visited New York and LA I was filled with ideas that could wait to hit the notepad.

    Travel and literature: Broadening your horizons

    I personally am a sub if their is not a dub. Though I would much rather watch dub in any case.

    Take Dragon Ball Z for example. Goku, the universe’s strongest warrior in his Japanese voice sounds very feminine and doesn’t match his persona.
    Though when Goku is voiced by Sean Schemmel in the dub versioned of the anime, he actually does sound like the universes greatest warrior.

    Though I am biased as DBZ and DBS are my favorite anime. Weather sub or dub, you’re in for a great show when you watch anime.

    Are you a Sub or a Dub?