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    The Historicity and Roman tales within "Gladiator" (2000)

    Analyze the historical accuracy (both at the time of conception and with our new-found knowledge, i.e. Marble thought to be white but now is known to be colorful). Additionally, point out the historical or mythological tales conveyed within the film. For example, Maximus being portray as a "general who became a slave who became a gladiator who defied an empire" is much like Spartacus in the Third Servile War in the first century B.C. He was a Thracian Auxiliary officer for the Romans who at one point apparently fell out from grace and was then enslaved to be trained as a gladiator in Capua. From there he led a group of other gladiators in rebellion which rocked the Roman world for a couple years. As for mythological tales, there could be a comparison the relationship and plot of Commodus and Maximus to Romulus and Remus’s conflict and founding of Rome.

    • This is a topic which has been written about quite a bit in the "outside" realm of the internet. I would love to see an Artifice article approach this topic differently. I like the focus on new-found knowledge. 2000 was a long time ago and there have been strides in Roman research since then which begs the question: Is Gladiator now dated? – Cmandra 8 years ago

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    Latest Comments

    Great article. I like your style and bits of humor. Haven’t seen this movie before but I think you just convinced me to put it on my to-do list.

    Gravity: Braving Tragedy

    Quite insightful. I never considered the duality between Batman and Cap. I think I may have to rewatch The Winter Soldier now.

    The Rise of Antiheroes in Modern Superhero Films

    Great article though. Very well written. Although, one tiny thing, you spent a long time on race but when you got to gender, it felt like you sped on through and rushed it.

    What Marvel Hopes to Achieve with the Changing of Race/Gender in Pre-Existing Characters

    Here are my issues with people changing characters to adhere and adjust to our “diversified” world:

    It is forced, unnatural, incongruent, pointless, and lazy.

    However, my main “beef” with it, above all creative context, facets, and thought, is that as a reader, a kid, teenager,an adult, I developed a relationship, I grew up with Thor, with the Avengers, with Spidey and Cap.

    To change their race or gender is offensive and the offense isn’t about race or gender; it’s about character. These people attacked my friend. They changed him or her into someone very different from the person I grew up with.

    They changed MY relationship.

    I have no problem with any race or gender and I’d gladly read or watch a character with whichever ones you chose so long as the character as a whole is compelling or entertaining. The problem lately, with these characters (or changes to them), is that their race or gender IS their identity. Race and gender IS their overall most prominent and important character trait.

    I am half Mexican and half European mutt but if you ask me who I am, I would not say “Mexican” or “white.” I would say “creative, sarcastic, passionate, historical, naive, witty, romantic, oblivious, hungry and tired.” I happen to be half Latino and am proud to be such but my race is not who I am. Too often today have the minds behind entertainment and art made the shortcut to character development and intrigue by slapping a race or gender to one and calling it “diversity.”

    The mere fact this article was written highlights how forcibly diversified society is. I am not saying diversification is a bad thing whatsoever, but to force it? that in my mind, raises drama and racist dialogue, demeans character, and cheapens the quality of an entertaining fictional universe that was already rich with a storied history so people can claim they are diverse themselves as opposed to naturally forming progressive conversation and social equality.

    /end rant

    What Marvel Hopes to Achieve with the Changing of Race/Gender in Pre-Existing Characters