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    How digital Art has changed the Art Marketplace

    Has digital art and its open sourcing made it harder for artists to sell their work? if everyone can make a print of your work after downloading it how can you truly make a profit off of the work.

    • This is quite relevant as more artists are coming out to discuss not only those who are copying and taking their work, but others who buy their work and remove their signatures. It seems that this topic could discuss the wider attitudes to digital art and how it appears to be undervalued in today's marketplace. – SaraiMW 6 years ago
    • Digital art is the outcome of two forces, human creativity and computer technology. Digital media contributed phenomenally in giving a new dimension to the institutions of art. The definition of art has changed immensely, gone are those days where an artist used to design his masterpieces on paper and took months to finally produce an artwork. Advanced digital art software has not only eased the drawing process but enhanced the creativity of an artist too. – Katie Jones 5 years ago

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    Latest Comments

    I work in a Nerd centric department and whether it is fans trying to explain why I am wrong or people in the office giving a ten minute history lesson when I said I was enjoying a certain book I feel very ostracized from the fandoms. When talking to people outside of the “circle”, I get met with comments of “why don’t you read something real”, or “I thought Comics were for little boys”. People don’t seem to realize the powerful stories that can be told thanks to this literary and visual medium.

    The Social Stigma of Comic Book Reading

    I agree that Merida has her flaws and can throw tantrums but she is also a teenager. I think the idea that she can look past what her parents want for her to what she wants is a great thing to achieve. Just because a parent is successful, or has great reasons for why they are doing something, doesn’t mean that they are correct in what is best for you and how you should live your life. Parents are people too and can be blinded by their own emotions and ideas of how a life is best lived. Many of the people who changed the world wouldn’t have if they listed to their well meaning and wise parents.

    Best and Worst Disney Role Models for Girls and Young Women

    This is so important. People learn so much through osmosis that they are never consciously aware of. Children see men forcefully kissing women and think that it is the most romantic. Little girls get the idea that boys will chase after you if they really “love” you and little boys learn that a girl saying no could still mean yes as long as you are persistent and show her she is wrong.

    The Dark Side of Romance in Movies