Melanie is an aspiring writer and filmmaker. Her interests include period films, television dramas, and Broadway musicals. In her spare time, she watches too much TV.

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I personally hated Burton’s Willy Wonka adaptation, even if it was closer to the book than the one with Gene Wilder. Maybe Depp wasn’t so bad, but something about his acting was too close to his recent caricatures of Burton’s device. I have to agree with most of the rest of the list though!

Johnny Depp’s Best Roles: ‘Fugget-aboutit’ to ‘Savvy’

The Depp thing is so sad. His very early stuff is fantastic, and even some of his later films, but nowadays just his appearance is enough to bring people to the box office, so we get shit like Burton’s Alice in Wonderland.
Sandler’s comedy used to be so much better, as well; I loved the Wedding Singer, as well as Billy Madison and Happy Gilmore. They’re all great, timeless comedies, but he seems to be selling out a bit too with his more recent work.

Good Actors Who Make Bad Movies

I just finished A Dance with Dragons, and finally allowed myself to read this article! You bring up very excellent points; I hadn’t even considered Bolton’s bluff and assumed that something had gone horribly wrong. I also figured this was the (surprise) end for Jon, but the hint at warging did leave me wondering. So many storylines to follow up on, and the next book is so far away! It’s worse than the wait for Harry Potter…
Otherwise, awesome article, fantastic details! Can’t wait to see which predictions come true.

The Winds of Winter: 12 Major Plot Points to Anticipate

With all the popularity of The Bling Ring, this is certainly a very relevant look at a talented director. I have mixed feelings about Marie Antoinette, but I didn’t completely hate it, and I definitely want to check out more of Coppola’s films. Great article!

The Films of Sofia Coppola: Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Such a brilliant show, and a brilliant article. His relationship with Livia was so fantastic, especially with his therapy in the background to heighten his mother issues. I need to rewatch this series yet another time, definitely worth it!

5 Events in 'The Sopranos' That Make Tony, Tony

Definitely the students! I should have mentioned them a bit more. I think they’re what made the actual revolution scene so powerful, especially the whispered rendition of “Do You Hear the People Sing?”
And I was disappointed as well! It’s hard to be such a diehard musical fan.

Stage to Screen: Live Recording in Les Misérables

Exactly; I watched this with Alfie Boe’s performance in the concert fresh in my mind, and as good as Jackman is, he’s not the Valjean we all yearn to hear. Would never work onstage.

Stage to Screen: Live Recording in Les Misérables

The lack of visuals is definitely what makes it hard to listen to, and what makes it a performance so specific to the movie! And I agree, I did really enjoy Redmayne’s performance; but if I went over every part and fit in my opinions of each actor and each song, the article would have been ten times as long!
Thanks for reading!

Stage to Screen: Live Recording in Les Misérables