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    The presence of racism in H.P Lovecraft's work

    Many of famous horror author H.P Lovecraft’s work contains themes and language indicative of racism towards indigenous and black communities. Even the famed "Call of Cthulu" retains aspects of racism when referring to the activities of indigenous and black communities. They are labeled as practicing "Voodoo", and often referred to as savages. How has the work of H.P Lovecraft aged? Is something like this acceptable for fans of the genre to hold as an example?

    • I believe someone suggested a similar topic before. (As I remember commenting on it.) While yes, H.P Love Craft held views that many, my self included find distasteful, those elements are often what people sight for creating the sense of otherness/horror in his books. He does not understand other races, cultures, or sexual identities, and that was part of the reason he feared them. I don't believe you have to like an artist on a personal level or agree with their views to appreciate their work. Some personal examples for me are Raymond Chandler, R.Kelly, Frank Sinatra, Sean Connery and Danny Masterson are all people who have done/said things that I personally disagree with. But I enjoy the book the Big Sleep, I can listen to ignition or fly me to the moon. I enjoy watching James Bond and That 70's show. Many people feel separating the artist from the art is people ignoring/giving a pass to the actions of the individual. I don't believe that is the case. As R. Kelly are and Danny Masterson are both in jail for their actions. I would also mention people can change, as Lovecraft eventually changed some of his views, as over the years he became friends with a gay man, and over time began to change some of his views on homosexuality. Whether people forgive someone or engage with their work is always a personal decision. – Blackcat130 2 years ago

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    I’ve never played this series although many of the mechanics you mentioned in here have certainly peaked my interest. I wonder why I’ve never caught wind of this series before now??

    Personally, I think that the controls would likely frustrate me but I don’t see it as something that should turn me away from trying out the game, ill have to see if I enjoy it!

    Remembering Dead Rising

    Great essay! I think that you really got onto something as far as replayability goes! Many of the games that I have enjoyed thoroughly in the recent past have been games that I have engraved into my mind through repetition.

    Awesome insight!

    Why Do Some Games Create an Unforgettable Impression?

    I learned much about Frida in middle school, its interesting to see such a well written article on her trespasses since then.

    This article is definitely sparking my interest in art once again, Thank you for that!

    Are Immersive Exhibitions Ruining Art?