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    Why has Glee been all but forgotten?

    I’ll admit that Glee could be a fairly problematic show, but why do people (especially those who talk about LGBTQ representation) seem happy to forget about the major steps that Glee took in this area. Why is the message of being yourself, embracing what makes you stand out, and finding family in what you love always forgotten about, even when Glee is mentioned?

    • I didn't watch the show, but many people I know said that they didn't like the show after the first season due to homophobic, sexist, and racist shows. Even though Glee does communicate an important theme, like you said, viewers were still frustrated with how the show handled LGBTQIA and other types of representation. If a show has LGBTQIA characters, they should at least attempt to represent them properly. Having a diverse range of characters meets the minimum standard. People expect better than a problematic representation of their communities. – seouljustice 8 years ago

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    This article is wonderful. The Little Prince (though I grew up knowing it as Le Petit Prince) and Huckleberry Finn both played such a significant role in my childhood and development, and it is nice to hear someone justify my endless love for children’s lit

    The Broad Spectrum of Children's Point of View in Literature: The Child That's In Us

    I love this article. As a queer girl (very closeted to the point where I didn’t realize it myself for a long time), the two most important moments in my development were watching Santana and Brittany kiss publicly in season 3 of Glee, and watching Paige break down and telling Emily why she isn’t out. Queer representation is so, so crucial for LGBTQ+ kids and I’m very glad that people are addressing it. Thank you.

    Queer Death in Media: Drawing Attention to the Bloodshed

    I think this is a fascinating article. As a queer woman, I have been very involved in following representation issues in media, and I have often been very upset by the lack thereof. I think that this article does a very good job of showing both sides of the issue.

    #Faninteraction: Social Media and Representation in Popular Television