Nilson Thomas Carroll

Nilson Thomas Carroll

Game writer, Frank O'Hara wannabe, perfect Wagnerite, Pokémon obsessive, surf punk

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Nilson Thomas Carroll

One of the most memorable aspects of the game are the dream sequences.

Why Shovel Knight Would Be the Perfect NES Game
Nilson Thomas Carroll

Younger gamers are playing Bloodborne level 1 runs & laughing at how easy “old school” games are – I’m sure there’s a twitch stream of some 13 year old kid beating this with a Guitar Hero guitar behind his head.

Why Shovel Knight Would Be the Perfect NES Game
Nilson Thomas Carroll

Says the user named ’32x’…!!

; )

Why Shovel Knight Would Be the Perfect NES Game
Nilson Thomas Carroll

What platformers do you recommend? Jim Power: The Lost Dimension in 3-D is pretty good…!

Why Shovel Knight Would Be the Perfect NES Game
Nilson Thomas Carroll

You’ve got to give it up to Dante for writing Purgatorio – it’s such an alien work to a contemporary reader, completely unprecedented and weird, almost like a Beckett novel but with more theology and less postmodernism – the power comes from the words on the page and the faith and history behind them rather than the narrative and images. The idea of the massive piece is its purpose.

Dante and Swamp Thing's Journey Through Purgatory
Nilson Thomas Carroll

Ebert has written some truly great pieces on films, but it’s tough to look past his parody film of Valley of the Dolls – I actually kind of like the film, but it’s totally offensive, and even though he wrote it when he was very young, I can’t help but be recalled to it whenever I read his work. I’d recommend seeing it, just to give some insight into Ebert’s thinking.

Contemporary Film Criticism: A Decline in Standards?
Nilson Thomas Carroll

This can’t be said enough!

Autism In Modern Media
Nilson Thomas Carroll

I had a professor who had a legitimate crush on Derrida (she would have his picture on powerpoints and just stare and sigh at it) – he’s a great critic to get into as far as postmodern lit crit goes, but I wouldn’t really lump him in with dada (don’t give Tzara a heart attack – he’s had enough trouble)…I’d love to see Derrida & Duchamp go at it on like the Nightly Show with Larry Wilmore…

Derrida in Twain: Deconstructing Racism in American Literature