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    Art style as a world building tool

    It is widely believed good art-style is the one that is most pleasing to the eye, while this true to certain level art-style has more to it then beauty. Art-style when used properly can do more than just make an anime look beautiful . It can be used as a tool of visual communication and world building. For example the wacky art-style used in one piece perfectly complements its odd unrealistic setting, it also gives a good insight into the characters(Ussop is a liar hence has a Pinocchio nose,Sanji has tall legs signifying his use of legs as his weapon of choice). On the other end we have death note, it has a more subtle and realistic art-style suggesting grounded story,its grey tones are similar to that of neo-noir suggesting the vibes of the crime drama it is. So in this light exploring art-style as a tool that can perfectly compliment and complete the story is some thing that needs to be done.

    • You may want to consider the works of Masaaki Yuasa, which are all heavily stylized. From Ping Pong (2014), to the Tatami Galaxy (2010), to Devilman Crybaby (2018), the use of color, art style, and dynamic animation style are all vital to the storytelling and, a case could be made, to the setting itself. This is most striking, in my opinion, in The Tatami Galaxy (2010), which uses color and stylized representation of the setting (through photographs on top of drawn panels) to striking effect. – C.W.B. Bryson 5 years ago

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    Latest Comments

    Most people consider dumb protagonists a common anime trope but very few really understand the reason why they are dumb.

    I really loved the way you stated the obvious answer to a question that’s on tip of every anime fan . But I must admit most people including ore-sama (the great me) never imagined the reason to be this obvious.

    But lately I am starting to get annoyed by dumb protagonists (mainly LUFFY in ep 66) *wink*wink if you know what I mean

    But recently with rise of anime like M.H.A we can say the demographic is slightly shifting

    If we try looking closely there are few smart shounen anime characters like
    1. Izuku Midoriya – M.H.A
    2. Edward Elric – F.M.A
    3. Edogawa Conan – Detective conan
    4. Lelouch – Code Geass
    And upon closer inspection there are characters like
    5 .Almost all JOJOs – J.J.B.A
    6. Oreki Houtarou – Hyouka

    *** NOTE : the above given list is in no specific order but that is my way of trying to get people to watch some great shounen anime I personally enjoyed and you people are missing out on ( if you didn’t watch them)

    ***this is no means meant to hurt feelings of people, if any one is hurt because I missed the name of some one smart then I wish you would me the favor of correcting me

    Stupid Anime Characters

    Great article “ees” loved it. I created my account in this website after reading your article, I loved it 3000

    I firmly believe handling conflict is the root of story telling while romance and other genres do it quite well, nothing beats the purest way of doing it using fists and weapons.

    Though violence in anime can be used as a character development tool or metaphorically or as a way to emphasize , violence at its core is a debate between different ideologies .When done right it fits really well into the story and hence sucks the audience into the story’s world.

    All things said I really loved your way of looking at violence in anime.

    I would love to read more of your articles

    Violence in Anime: Helpful or a Hindrance?

    Great , informative article. I almost feel like I just took a master class in anime,video game localization.

    It is indeed true that localisation is major reason why subs and dubs are different.
    At sometimes same anime that is subbed by two different persons is also different. Interpretation also plays a major role while translating any form of art from one language to other.
    This can more commonly seen in books and novels
    For example “Art of War” written by “Sun Tzu” if you read different translations of the book written by different people , you will notice minute changes from version to version .

    This of course is due to the writer’s thought process and influence of his interpretation on the work.

    That means both dubbed and subbed versions are not perfect, it is up-to us to decide which one we prefer

    Are you a Sub or a Dub?