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    The difference of fantasy between the West and the East

    Analyse and contrast the differences of how elements of fantasy is portrayed between the West (such as "Harry Potter", "Grimm’s Fairy Tales", Game of Thrones") and the East (such as "Naruto", "Spirited Away", and other Asian fairy tales). Also, how did these difference made a contribution to the entertainment and literary culture either in the West or the East?

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      An encouraging article on fan fiction for both writers and readers.
      I have enjoyed reading it greatly.

      Recently I have noticed a lot of change of views towards writers (and readers?) of fan fiction – from the negative (poorly written, strange twists in the laws of the original universe of the idea used) to the positive (interesting recreation of a plot line, well-written story). Fan fiction has not only evolved from a specific gathering of fandom, but also an opportunity for new and practicing writers where they have the freedom to experiment with an already existing plot, idea, or world and create something with it.

      Fanficton: A Practice in the Art of Storytelling

      Good article! It’s interesting to see the contrast between Avatar: the Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. I like how the author has brought up the digital divide, which is a growing challenge occurring in the midst of our digital and technological society.

      Politics and Privilege in The Legend of Korra

      As a writer of fiction I was aware that settings, backgrounds and environments play important roles from creating moods to developing characters. It was interesting how the author of this article brings up how backgrounds also reflect what the creators bring with them from their childhood experiences to a topic that gives the audience something to think or discuss. Perhaps I have not taken notice of these things as a writer because I have been looking at backgrounds (from literature to movies and video games) more from an audience perspective.

      World Building in Animation: The Scene Behind the Scene

      I find this article very insightful. I was aware of the presence of Canadian animation (or lack there of), but was delightedly surprised at the history and contribution it made to Canadian culture. I have to agree with the author, with countries such as the US and Japan producing a vast majority of the animation industry, Canadian animation could be forgotten and almost lost in that tide of influence.

      Canadian Animation: The Struggles of Earning Recognition from its Audience