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    Children's Cartoons and Why they Matter

    With the rise of shows like Adventure Time, Gravity Falls, Steven Universe and Over the Garden Wall, has also come the rise of an interesting following to these shows geared towards a young audience – high school and college students. Does this suggest that these shows go beyond expectations for a standard children’s television series with basic humor and entertainment and some moral values thrown in along the way? And what has attracted such a following.

    Fan Art and Fan Fiction galore can be found among the ever growing ‘fandoms’ associated with each respective show, revealing that these series may be having a greater impact than suspected at first glance.

    • I wrote about this topic from a slightly different angle, suggesting that it was because of the growing acceptance of Geek Culture that these shows even exist now. The people who create them are smarter, more imaginative, and more open to new and fresh ways of looking at the world. And they have a huge backlog of material that they love, which they reference all the time in their own shows. Because the people making these shows are younger, more entwined with social media, and because their humor can range across the gap between kids, teens, and adults: older age groups can respect and enjoy these programs just as much as their initial target audiences. – Jonathan Leiter 9 years ago

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    Beautiful article…it managed to bring me right back to each of these moments from their respective films, and it hit me almost as hard as the first time around. Pixar has this magical way of storytelling that crosses boundaries like no other, and with these scenes it is made clear – I can’t wait to see the progression of Pixar even further with any new films they decide to put out.

    10 Mature Moments in a Pixar Film

    I appreciate the article – shows a less commonly known history to a well-loved story, as well as presents a bit of an argument about the varying nature/interpretations that can be taken from various writings of the same tale. I as well have high hopes for the upcoming Disney remake.

    Angela Carter's Beauty and the Beast: Building a Feminist Romance

    Thought provoking…I agree with some that Sherlock was not the best example, if only because his sacrificial death – if it had actually been such – may have almost been taken to be out of character. Would the great Sherlock Holmes simply allow himself to die, or would he be smart enough to have come up with a plan just in time? Part of the reasons these stories, or rather this effect, has such appeal is because they give the audience a sense of hope, a sense of wonder that is hard to glean from other things. Though it is important that we as individuals understand the true concept of sacrifice, and what that really means for each of us, this sense of hope is also incredibly important, for if it did not exist, we may not be able to see what there is to sacrifice for.

    Sherlock Holmes: To "Kill Off", or Not to "Kill Off"