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    Is premium cable television really premium?

    Premium cable are cable channels an individual pays for, a common example is HBO or Showtime. TV networks that label themselves as premium services have flagship shows that are more graphic with topics like violence and sex. The question is, does the liberal approach to the arts make the shows better or the same content with more of a mature approach?

    • Whoever writes on this topic could show HBO developed. I would be interested to see how HBO as one of the first cable companies has maintained its cutting edge quality. – Munjeera 7 years ago

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    It was q good article, but your examples were a bit overwhelming at points. This is a flaw I share as well in writing. If I could recommend, do a compare and contrast with each era, explaining one ones still scary and the other isn’t.

    Horror Movies, Why We Love [Some of] Them

    I think this was a brilliant and thought out article. Limited series comics like Y: The Last Man, Watchmen, and Sandman are well scripted and novel media that are both academic and entertaining. Just as much as video games like The Last of Us, Journey, and Battlefield 1, which all deal with things that most of us haven’t dealt with brilliantly. I really enjoyed this article, and supports my many college papers wee comics and films are academic sources.

    Are Video Games Worth Studying? (A Literary Perspective)

    There was several brilliant points argued in here that I can see being a possibility for the franchise film. Such things as, going dormant or recasting have been things that have crossed my mind when I thought about these franchises.

    Though, I myself am not tired of comic movies, since we are in a golden or silver age, soon a resurgence may occur as seen in Comix like Watchmen or Sandman, or more recently The Wake and Ex Machina. Genres go through phases of quality or are accompanied by lesser genres, which you touch on with expertise and possibly only better comic films at another time.

    Should Superhero Franchises have a Definite Ending