Vic Millar

Vic Millar

I study Cinema and Journalism, I love Stanley Kubrick and movies with zombies and explosions and blood and sex and car chases and kung fu.

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Vic Millar

The core relationship didn’t leave a huge emotional impact on me, but I loved the visuals and was especially big on the silent cinema stunt montage at the end. Tarsem’s Immortals had the same effect on me – I loved the visuals (even the bloody violence had a certain grace to it), but it still felt cold and emotionless. Never saw Mirror Mirror but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s the same thing. The Fall is definitely the closest he has come to depth and emotion as a director, but it still fell a little short for me. I’ll have to revisit soon and see if I respond to it more after reading your article.

3 Reasons to Watch The Fall
Vic Millar

I’ve been revisiting old Disney animated movies upon seeing Maleficent (wasn’t a big fan of the movie but at least something good came out of it). This Hellfire song is the one that left the biggest mark on me, as I had such a vastly different experience hearing it now than back when I was 7 when I first saw it. Really one of the best things Disney has done, villain song or otherwise. Quite enjoyed your analysis.

How Disney's "Hell Fire" Illuminates the Struggle of the Subconscious
Vic Millar

I really hope Happy Endings gets a resurrection. I’m not really into throwing Coach back into New Girl, I’d rather see Wayan’s Jr. as Brad again.

5 of the Biggest TV Letdowns of 2013
Vic Millar

I was really surprised by how good CW’s Arrow ended up being. It has some of the best action and fight choreography on TV right now.

The Era Of Superheroes: TV's Dominating Genre
Vic Millar

I loved that scene too. I think Nebraska is Alexander Payne’s best movie, so it’ll definitely be appearing on my Favorites of 2013 list, but i didn’t think it fit in with the group of movies above.

10 Great Scenes from 2013's Most Forgettable Movies
Vic Millar

Oh wow I totally saw You’re Next and completely forgot about it! That was a great moment you mentioned though, would’ve fit in really well with this article. Haven’t seen Bad Grandpa but I really like the other three movies you mentioned, they don’t fall into “forgettable” territory for me.

10 Great Scenes from 2013's Most Forgettable Movies
Vic Millar

The World’s End is one of my favorite movies of the year, I saw it twice in theaters. Nothing forgettable about it.

10 Great Scenes from 2013's Most Forgettable Movies
Vic Millar

I just appreciate the way it’s a magic trick that actually works on the movie’s audiences, not just characters within the movie. I thought it was clever, and it drew me into the film’s world.

10 Great Scenes from 2013's Most Forgettable Movies