Avatar The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra's female characters

Both Avatar series have had a slew of promanent female characters serving a multitude of different roles, something rarely seen in the action genre of animation. In many other shows female characters are secondary characters or simply love interests for the main hero; but in both Avatar series women are protagonists, antagonists, side characters, mentors and everything in between. For this article the author should go over the Female characters of Avatar (Toph, Katara, Korra, Azula, Mai, Jenora etc.) And see what makes them not only good female characters but good characters in general. They can look at the characters individually or look at them as an overarching group.

  • Writing about each powerful female character would take forever (which is a good thing!) For the reader's sake, I would cut it down to maybe a list of protagonists that serve your purpose for the point you're trying to get across. One thing I loved about Avatar is that it never seemed to be about gender. It wasn't your typical show where men drove the plot. The females had as much of a role as the males in terms of deciding the fate of their world. Guys watching the show could identify with female characters, and vice versa. Toph, for example, would just crush somebody with a rock if they said anything about her petiteness or apparent frailty. That sounds quite masculine; however, the show did an amazing job of reminding the audience that she is, in fact, a girl, and she kicks butt. You could focus on the lack of gender discrimination being a staple or model for other cartoons to come. Not just cartoons, but TV series, video games, you name it. – chaz 9 years ago
  • I agree with Chaz's comment. The writer of this topic would be best off by choosing a few female characters in the series and maybe doing an in-depth analysis of their roles in the show, and how they overcome traditional female stereotypes. It might also help to identify a key trait that they all share that make them stand out as both female characters and characters in general. – Christina Legler 9 years ago
  • Idk why the show ever stopped – aasteriou 9 years ago
  • I think this would be a fantastic article to explore. The Avatar series is fantastic! Definitely brings back childhood memories with the old school Nickelodeon. – kgbell44 9 years ago
  • I recently discovered Legend of Korra through the Artifice and watched the first season. I would love to see an article on this topic. – Munjeera 8 years ago

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