Avengers Assemble VS. Avengers Films

The comparison between Avengers Assemble and Avenger’s films.

Avengers Assemble is a cartoon television show aired on Disney XD. It started in 2013 and was created by Stan Lee himself. Look at the comparison between the two and how the personalities are either constructed better in the cartoon series, or they lack abilities that you see in the films.

You can also get down and dirty to a depth-by-depth analysis of each character and how they are similar or different between the two the show and the film. You can also think about how Avengers Assemble can show a lot more analysis of personality traits because it is a TV show, that has at least 26 episodes. There is two seasons currently and it is available on Netflix.

  • Was the 2013 series REALLY created by Stan Lee? I know he's the big guy for Marvel, but wasn't the show along with the other ones now from Joe Quesada and Jeff Loeb? Stan Lee as I understand would just be the producer. – Ryan Walsh 9 years ago
  • the avengers as a whole. not the entire show; the show was produced by a bunch of people. I was just naming Stan, for reference as to past avengers personalities if they didn't just want to focus on the films and the avengers assemble and wanted to contrast the comics as well, but I meant to say "the avengers was created by Stan Lee himself" then again it probably would still sound like I was saying it was created by Stan Lee; didn't catch that until now! thank you! – scole 9 years ago

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