Bias in Video Game Journalism

Video game journalism is quite popular these days with websites such as IGN, Gamespot, and Kotaku. However, it seems to be a common issue that many video game journalists have a preference on which console they prefer or which genre is their favorite; leading to a bias when they cover their preferred games over others. This can lead to what is practically yellow journalism, with writers over exaggerating the games and features of what they prefer while undermining the competition, even if the competition is an amazing game or console itself. This issue should be addressed in some way and possible solutions discussed so that gamers are presented with fair coverage of all video games and video game related news.

  • I think this is a great topic to explore! It might lead to further specialization in journalism, where an author could write specifically about the kinds of games they enjoy on the console they play most, which would allow their bias to work for their articles instead of against them. – Winterling 9 years ago
  • I really don't think this is the right platform to restart the GamerGate debate on if that was the intention of your topic. – MattHotaling 9 years ago
  • This is a very useful topic to explore given the mainstreaming of gaming culture. How does gaming journalism give itself the same kind of credibility and quality that one would expect from other forms of journalism? – Cmandra 8 years ago

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