Birdman and other films - the How is as Important as the What

One of the most interesting aspects about the film Birdman is the way that it was filmed – through a single continuous shot. It would be interesting to analyze Birdman and additional films that utilize a creative method of filming in order to add additional meaning to the story. Exploring what that additional meaning is in Birdman and other films could prove to be very insightful. The way that a story is told shapes the content of the story and shapes the audience’s reaction to that story. Analyzing those methods of storytelling in Birdman, as well as potentially analyzing these methods in other films, would make an interesting article.

  • Just to propose other films with exciting methods of delivering their narratives, I'd recommend Requiem for a Dream's editing and The Artist's use of black and white photography, as well as its lack of sounds. All around, this is a great topic. – August Merz 7 years ago
  • I also think this is a great topic, and though Birdman's cinematography was amazing. Another movie to think about, along with Requiem for a Dream, is Irreversible. Each scene was a single shot and the movie went from the end to the beginning. – samcel 7 years ago

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