Black Canary 2015: The New and Improved Black Canary

Brenden Fletcher, Annie Wu, Babs Tarr. How do you feel the series is coming along and how do you like it. You can think about questions such as, do you think it lives up to the Black Canary name? You can tie it into the ‘Arrow’ Black Canary and compare it to how it lives up to that as well! Similarities and differences, etc.

  • I think a lot of Canary's recent popularity stems from the success of Arrow. She's so often lumped in with Green Arrow because of their on and off romance. But what Arrow did which was cool was have two people take up the identity, which really sells her as an important character. – Cagney 9 years ago
  • I like Canary better than Batgirl of Burnside, but I still feel that there's something bland and almost childish about it. The layer of her being in a band just feels inauthentic and stupid to me. – SomeOtherAmazon 9 years ago

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