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Book to Film Adaptations: How Close is Too Close?

Do we want a Shining more so than a Watchmen? Analyse to what extent should writers and directors go to (literally) adapt the material at hand. Suggest a method for completing the perfect adaptation from book to screen.

  • Good article topic! The article could also use successful film adaptations to support their argument on how to complete a perfect adaptation. Also, state specific examples from films that failed to adapt the film successfully, listing what they did wrong (i.e. casting, visual effects, etc.) – Amanda Dominguez-Chio 9 years ago
  • The idea is good. There are two answers to this: how old is the material, if old Like Arthurian Romance, then its up for grabs, if written within the last three centuries, then one may consider the vision of the book, like Oliver Twist and or Earthsea. Ultimately it depends on the work. I recommend consulting The Art of Adaptation by Laura Mulvey. – Travis Kane 9 years ago

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