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Boruto: The Next Generation

The successor to the Naruto series, Boruto will focus on the children of the genin’s from Naruto. The children were introduced in the final chapters of Naruto. In the Boruto movie we learn more about their abilities, personalities and relationships. This new generation appears to have inherited their parents personalities, but they have surpassed their parents abilities.

The first chapter of the series retells much of what happened in the movie. Boruto dislikes his father (Naruto) due to the responsibilities bestowed upon the Hokage. He resents him and has developed some anger issues as a result. Boruto quickly comes across as a more complex character than his father was. However, unlike his father Boruto has both his parents and a sibling.

It is made clear in a flash-forward that Naruto dies at some point in this series and I wonder what effect this had on Boruto. The other genin introduced are interesting. Sarada, the daughter of Sasuke and Sakura. She possess the Sharingan and her mother strength. Interestingly, she seems to have developed a desire to become Hokage. Boruto on the other hand seems to despise the position. However, he seems to have taken a liking to Sasuke.

I personally love Chocho, the daughter of Choji. She has a fun personality and is hilarious. She may end up being a secondary character, but I hope they show more of her. The art of this series will require some getting use to. I haven’t decided whether I like it or not. Views on art can vary, but personally I find it very important. However, the art should improve, which tends to happen with manga artist.

Rating: 4/5

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