Can current Doctor Who work as a film?

It’s been debated time and time again about the viability of making a film based on the Doctor Who franchise. As we have a confirmed "K-9" film, we are entering a place where we are as close to a modern Doctor Who film than we will get. What do you think are some possible set backs of making a film version of Doctor Who? Should it be canon to the story? Should it follow an independent story-line?

  • I have no idea why it couldn't be a film. Everything else seems to be turned into a film these days. I mean, essentially a film is just a really long episode. – Tatijana 9 years ago
  • My only concern about this is that you ask if it should be "canon to the story." What even is the story of Doctor Who? It changes constantly with each new doctor, new companion, new villain, etc. Unless you mean making a movie from where the last episodes have left off, I'm not sure where they could even start or what would constitute and "independent story line." Can the 50th anniversary special ("The Day of the Doctor") be considered a movie? Like Tatijana said, would it just be a long episode? Or are there other criteria that it would need to be considered a movie? If it is simply length, there are a few episodes that already qualify. – Deanna 9 years ago
  • I would argue that it could not, and still be a quality film, because the cult following is so large, that any minute variance from the television series would likely be noticed, and treated accordingly. I would also refer to the fact that in the last decade, a number of television shows from the 1970s were made into full-length films, and most of them did not turn out well. As such past track record seems to be against Dr. Who, even though the era that I mentioned is a bit later than the start of Dr. Who. – JDJankowski 9 years ago

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