Can Final Fantasy 15 resurrect the series?

Determine whether the Final Fantasy series can return to prominence. With the new chapter "Final fantasy 15" expected to be released in September this year. Final Fantasy 15 was originally called Versus 13. There have been internal disputes within Square Enix, causing the game to be delayed for years.

Final Fantasy 15 is a completely different game than Versus 13 was. However, while the demo was generally well received, many fans have decried the simple and often uninteresting story. There are also complaints regarding the change in combat. The game will also be "open world." Does this help? What must FF15 do to continue the series success?

  • This is definitely a hot topic and the answer seems to be polarized. Many think the FF series should die (or be "final"), therefore XV doesn't stand a chance. That aside, many also dislike the new look, calling XV nothing but a "sausage-fest" full of emo-looking boy band members--and, oh yeah, the turn-based style is gone. Others, however, have high hopes because it is so different from the traditional FF game. I think it would also be worth noting how similar it is in style and gameplay to Kingdom Hearts. Why is it that some gamers were okay with KH not being turn-based, but aren't okay with XV not being turn-based? KH played well, didn't it? So why can't XV, too? If you can't tell, I'm on the "I have high hopes" side of the fence for XV. Ha. – Christina Legler 8 years ago

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