Can Marvel Studios do no wrong?

Recently Marvel Studios hasn’t made a bad film or television show. An average show, maybe, but nothing below 50% on Rotten Tomatoes. If a bad film of theirs were to come out, would it be acclaimed as one? Or do you think the fans would squint their eyes until we existed in a world where Marvel Studios could do no wrong?

  • Different people enjoy different aspects of films, and Marvel seems to know how to appeal to an unprecedented audience. Action, romance, humor, and fantasy blend throughout their movies in a way that even appeals to people who "hate action movies" . This diversity in their movies accompanied by the range of material they have to choose from means they have an excellent formula for success. But people are not as loyal as you suggest. Many people were dissatisfied by the Wolverine origins movie (watch the Honest Trailer on YouTube for a more detailed explanation), as many comic book readers have been with Marvel's depictions of certain comics. – cc327 7 years ago
  • I kind of feel like Marvel is getting lazy lately. Ant Man and Fantastic Four were terrible, and yet they're still making a second Fantastic Four – SomeOtherAmazon 7 years ago

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