Can the Artificial Be Art?

Artificial Intelligence has already caused changes in the way we conduct our lives. Will it change the way we make and perceive art? It has been predicted, for example, that AI will replace many jobs in the film industry. AI has been used in many types of writing and "artwork" already: legal and business documents, advertising, students’ assignments …
What is your definition of art? Can something created by AI be called art? How would AI affect the creation and appreciation of the arts, especially visual and verbal arts? Would anyone want to explore this topic, philosophically and prophetically?

  • Can't wait to write about this. I have thoughts. – Sunni Ago 3 months ago
  • The thing about AI art, from my perspective, is that a lot of it is very boilerplate. An AI program can write a story or draw a picture if given a prompt, but there will always be something about it that marks it as computer-generated. I know that, in my experience, if I'm reading an essay that was written partly using AI, I can immediately tell where the AI sections begin and end. This is why I'm skeptical of AI's ability to ever truly replace human creativity. The more rote and repetitive stuff, on the other hand, I can see AI taking over (which I know from experience has many of my programmer friends worried). – Debs 2 weeks ago
Taken by Beatrix Kondo (PM) 2 weeks ago.

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