Celebrities as Activists

In the midst of this crazy world we live in, celebrities seem to be more vocal than ever about their politics and policies. At first glance, this uprising might be great. Obviously, celebrities reach large audiences and thus can bring awareness to certain problems in our world. But do celebrities go too far at times? Celebrities are not doctors or health gurus or scientists. They are not economists. Do celebrities as activists have an adverse effect on our world? Too often people take celebrities’ opinions as fact when really they’re just making stuff up. So should celebrities remain relatively quiet on issues or are they doing great work?

  • In a country where one of the most basic of human rights is the right to freedom of speech, why is it that celebrities are denied and/or limited in their ability to speak out about the issues because of their occupation? Many celebs have college background and are not nearly as brainless as the general public believes them to be. As such, they have the same rights afforded to an everyday citizen. Perhaps we should think about the responsibility of the uninformed constituant as opposed to the people speaking out about their opinions depite their occupation. I like your topic, but I just feel like we are criticizing the people who learn enough to form their own opinion, as opposed to focusing on criticizing those who base theirs off of what they hear. – Shelbi Sarver 5 years ago
  • There are lots of people who don't have a voice when it comes to social issues, and celebrities can sometimes provide that voice...Are there times when it seems to be for personal gain or to just complain, yes, but there are times when it can give credit to a movement...A great many people who have these platforms only use them to further their own agendas, i.e.: politicians, big business, religions, etc....So if a celebrity, who was once a civilian as well, has something important to say, go for it...Then again there are most certainly times you can tell that celebrities themselves are no different than politicians, in that, they are just pushing personal agendas and using their celebrity to do just that. – MikeySheff 5 years ago
  • This sounds like a timely topic if handled correctly. The role of the celebrity would have to be defined and the cost of being a celebrity as well as the perks. – Munjeera 5 years ago

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