Children's programming and what it means today

As the average age of viewing goes up for films like Zootopia, Big Hero 6, Inside Out, one has to notice a pattern – the target audience is much broader than it once was, now branching out to the parents of the children as well as the children themselves. Is this due to the accurate representation of difficult themes, or simply the bright colours and chance to escape into childhood again.

  • Could you explain what you mean by pattern? – Munjeera 6 years ago
  • Is that better Munjeera? Let me know if I've not been clear enough. – Miles Smith 6 years ago
  • I think film-makers have realised the way to offer a fuller plate to the audience is to offer a multi-layered experience which caters for all of them in one way or the other. The film that started all this, in my opinion, was 'Toy Story'. – J.P. Shiel 6 years ago
  • One might also go into the history of children's programming and do a comparison of, say, classical Hollywood vs today. I would argue that in the censored days of yore there wasn't a need for child specific programming. However, I don't know enough about the topic to create a coherent article! I look forward to reading whoever writes this one. – sophiacatherine 6 years ago
  • I believe that animated movies are trying to push out of the zone that is exclusively 'for kids.' Just as culture is constantly changing - interests, humor, lingo etc - I find that animated films such as the ones you've listed are interested in broadening themes to make older audiences reconsider the medium. The times are changing quickly thanks to technology - animation is a technology to be taken just as seriously and these films remind us that they can be appreciated by all audiences no matter what the content. – yeongjae 6 years ago
  • I think it is probably due to the big changes that has occurred in the way films are made. But it would be nice to see if someone could explore a few particular movies. – ferozan 6 years ago
  • This is an interesting topic, it would be interesting to consider the business point of making movies that appeal to larger audiences. For example, the Despicable Me movie started the whole Minion franchise, which not only helped with marketing the movie but also garnered enough attention to create a movie exclusively about them. This allowed for higher box office profits thus making it a business plan. So the question is whether or not these movies are being made for the enjoyment of larger audiences or is it just a business plan to garner more profits? – aakrutipatel 6 years ago

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