Classic film directors who made MTV videos in the 80s

I was interested when recently looking for Peckinpah movies on youtube to find two Julian Lennon videos that he directed:


Apparently he was originally signed to do an hour-long documentary about Lennon, but that was whittled down to 2 videos. Still got $10,000 for 3 days’ work. Apparently Peckinpah was intrigued and excited by the video editing equipment, similar but also different from the equipment he had first used working in TV in the 1950s.

And of course, Martin Scorsese directed Michael Jackson’s ‘Bad’ and John Landis MJ’s ‘Thriller’.

  • So what would be the topic? Will it note that the directors are versatile in their style to suit the song or does their style remain the same? – Ryan Errington 9 years ago
  • Cool idea... maybe discuss why they decided to direct music videos or if their are noticeable traits from the director in the videos? – samcel 9 years ago
  • Interesting topic. I think it would also be interesting to explore how famous filmmakers shoot commercials as well, especially in the perfume industry (Martin Scorsese for Bleu de Chanel for instance). Their aesthetics are always more powerful than usual ads. It'd be interesting to try and find the aesthetic qualities we usually associate to a director in the commercials they shoot. – Rachel Elfassy Bitoun 9 years ago

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