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Classist Fantasies in in Fifty Shades of Grey

There’s plenty of talk about gender and sexuality play out in Fifty Shades of Grey. What could be even more interesting is looking at how class plays out. Could one argue that Anastasia Steele fulfills a class fantasy by getting involved with the much richer Christian Grey? Does the so-called American Dream revolve around the obtainment of wealth? How does the exposure to such enormous wealth influence the wealthy characters? How are individuals with lower incomes portrayed – in a way that ignores the humanity of these individuals, or in a way that recognizes the privilege of being white and upper class? Could be an interesting topic to explore.

While this topic is listed under literature, the film version could certainly also be explored.

  • Could be interesting to look at Anastasia's socioeconomic place in the world; a presumably upwardly mobile recent college grad, albeit in a less economically lucrative degree. What does the story imply about someone of her class in this situation? – Mariana 8 years ago
  • Classist fantasies are power fantasies.Given the dom-sub relationship in the book/film which manifests and is fairly evident throughout, I really don't think it is a topic which needs contextualising or elaborating on. Sorry! – Yama144 8 years ago

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