Clean Energy in Film as Weapons of Mass Destruction

Several films, shows, and other media have posited the idea of Clean Energy for all and an advancement for the future. This is quickly is shown to be false when all that potential for energy becomes a WMD. Destroying the weapon and returning to the status quo (traditional energy sources) is usually the happy ending. Solar and wind don’t seem to be picked out (although apparently I should see Sahara, it’s got something with concentrated solar); rather, it’s usually something new, sci fi-fantasy, and explosive.

I have a few theories to talk about: the dark turn of saving the world, the fear of the unknown, the possible connection to nuclear power’s "betrayal," do we just want more epxlosions, etc. But I’d like to sample more work. Here’s what I have so far, with spoilers in the list:
The Dark Knight Rises – fusion reactor made bomb
Spiderman 2 – "mini sun" made bomb
The Legend of Korra – spirit vines
The Flash (comics) – Speed force for public transport/energy, starts tearing up time
Sahara – Concentrated solar power used as a weapon
(Bonus: Snowpiercer’s attempt at derailing global warming causing an ice age)

More suggestions are super welcome!!

  • How about clean energy in TV with Scylla in Prison Break in the final season 4? This is a good topic. Also, make note of a new battery powered by an energy source in Arrow that helps Felicity walk again. – Munjeera 8 years ago
  • Adding cosmic cube to list (an obvious "too much power..." one). – IndiLeigh 7 years ago

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