Collateral: Michael Mann's Last Success?

Collateral is an all-time classic – the dynamic between Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx is surpassed only by Michael Mann’s superlative direction. So, with Miami Vice, Public Enemies, and Blackhat pushing Mann into steep decline, are the filmmaker’s best days behind? Are their similar cases of big-name directors succeeding and failing at different points in their careers (Ridley Scott etc.)?

  • This is a great topic. Seeing as how Michael Mann has become a director who is starting to appreciate style over substance, it'd be interesting to see how much he has let go of character depth while supplanting it with a really intricate, hyper-realistic visual style. Why would he (and other directors for that matter) see the way they tell the story as being more important than the story itself? – August Merz 7 years ago

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