Comic book art and the Pre-Raphaelites?

Would anyone be interested in reading an article about the connection I see between Pre-Raphaelite art – and the group which immediately followed which I call the "British Romantics" – and their influence on contemporary illustration in comic books and graphic novels? My main argument will likely be: even if "Victorian" art fell out of favour for a time with the general public it still played a major role in art education for many of the successful fantasy illustrators/ comic book artist of the 1970/80s. This trend hasn’t diminished with current comic book artist, if anything with the revival in the general interest in this genre of art (PRB and British Romantics) their influence has grown with artists and readers. I’ll attempt to show this by comparing the artwork of both groups of artists and pointing out where the influences seem most apparent (to me anyway). What do you think?

  • I think that is an awesome idea. I work in the gothic period which touches and overlaps with the romantic tradition so I am always looking for interesting takes on that time. I am not sure how many other history of art geeks are on here but I bet you will be able to put a sufficiently interesting argument together that you will peak the curiosity of all art lovers. I definitely think you should do something along these lines, I am looking forward to it! – DClarke 9 years ago
  • Thanks. It may be interesting to add some gothic references to my analysis, too. – Jeff MacLeod 9 years ago
  • I'm finally on sabbatical so I can complete this essay, I hope to post something in the next month (or so). – Jeff MacLeod 8 years ago

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