Comic Book Superheroes with Guns

Punisher. Deadpool. Vs. Batman, Spiderman and so many others. Growing up, I read about superheroes like Captain America who fought with their fists. Of course, a cool superpower like throwing fireballs, e.g. Human Torch is even better. But then there is a rise of characters that use guns. Should comic heroes use guns? To me it doesn’t seem to fit. What makes someone who shoots a gun special? But they are undeniably popular. What does that say about our view of superhero comic characters?

  • Given today's battle for gun rights this topic is very timely and fits in well with the discourse in the media. – Munjeera 8 years ago
  • I'm not terribly familiar, but it seems that comic heroes that use guns usually have a military background or some other specialized training with arms. That might feed into peoples belief that having guns can keep them safe, because if you give a comic character a gun, all of a sudden they've got superpowers of a kind. – chrischan 8 years ago
  • It also seems that superheroes that use guns are the anti-hero and not the hero like Captain America. Deadpool is considered a hero / anti-hero for the most part, as well as, Punisher at times and etc., so maybe that is something to think about also when writing this! – scole 8 years ago

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