Comics, Movies, Literature, Fiction: What is the Most Influential Type of Art?

Which type of art has proven to be the most influential when it comes to impacting society? "Influential" means that the form of art inspires not just the individual to think in a certain, new way, but all of society is swayed to change for the better, as encouraged by the form of art. The common people is often influenced or empowered by whatever they’ve been reading or watching to initiate change in society. Comics were largely influential in the 1900s, movies (especially from Marvel) are widely popular now, and works of literature and fiction still reside as one of the top forms of art used to influence the people of society. Which, if any, of the art forms listed is the best way to positively impact the world? Why?

  • What do you mean by "influential"? I think if you make the meaning explicit, your topic shall gain unparalleled depth, and your argument unparalleled strength. (Also, I think it's "the common people ARE," not is) – Luthien 9 years ago
  • Without a doubt, the answer is literature. It has been around for centuries and can be transported anywhere in the world and be preserved for years on paper. Whether it be in America in a modern living room or on the streets of India, anyone can be impacted by literature as long as the individual has the ability to read. Movies can't be shared everywhere because not every place on Earth has the means to play a movie, and comics don't engage the human mind like literature does. Literature is by far the most influential type of art. Just look at works like the Bible, Beowulf, Hemingway, Harry Potter. It comes in all sorts of forms and impacts all sorts of people. – dcorder 9 years ago
  • In the grand scheme of things, Literature has and will likely always be the most influential type of art, due to 100s of stories and novels lasting the test of time, being quoted, being performed, and being adapted over and over again. However, I think the influential power of something can shift depending on one's age and exposure. Less people read actual books these days, and read more material online in short click-bait articles or comment sections and forums. At the same time, Youtube videos, TV shows, and movies seem to be the most influential form of art for quite a while growing up, unless you were just an avid reader the whole time. I personally never was much of a reader, but I'm actually finding myself re-embracing books again, so that may soon change. But for me, nothing has compared to movies with how many ideas, concepts, and creative images they have born into my mind. Movies and Animation are what drive me to do what I do with my own filmmaking and art. Books had nothing to do with that. At least not yet. – Jonathan Leiter 9 years ago
  • I'd say for today it's movies except that so many are based on literature. – Tigey 8 years ago

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