Competitive Gaming and Schadenfreude

Toxicity and bad attitudes are all too common within in the realm of competitive gaming. With the rapid rise of E sports and all of the potential profit competitive gaming now holds, schadenfreude (a feeling of happiness at the misfortune of others) and all around bad sportsmanship is becoming more noticeable and despite the report player behavior options games provide, the issue persists, with other solutions seemingly in short supply.

  • What I would like to know is what examples of moments in esports are schadenfreude and which are entertaining to watch. Although I have little to no experience with the Melee community, the Leffen vs Chillin first-to-five match at APEX 2015 can be seen as either schadenfreude or entertainment. It's also important to figure out if someone can watch a moment in esports without prior knowledge of either the game or the players and still feel a sense of schadenfreude. – ValenMorrow 6 years ago

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