Cosplay Rising: from sub-culture to pop-culture

Look at the rise of cosplay in modern culture, and speak to this once dark convention niche. Speak to key influences (Big Bang Theory, cosplay models, rising comic/gaming culture, etc…) and hypothesize how cosplay has become more accepted (or not) compared to what it was even as early as a decade ago. I would also recommend including social media and outlets like Imgur and Reddit as influences. Conclude with an educated opinion on whether cosplay is here to stay, or whether it would eventually shrink back to subculture status. This topic is categorized as comics, however modern cosplay taps: gaming, movies, literature, anime, and much more.

  • I think this would fit better in the Arts category. As a cosplayer myself, I think that it's important for whoever is writing this to discuss the occasionally toxic nature of the art - incidents of bullying and harassment are sadly too common through internet and in real life. – DullahanLi 9 years ago
  • Excellent point! I am a cosplayer myself and I agree whole-heartedly. I wish I had thought to classify this in the Arts, that would be a far better fit. Not sure if I can re-classify a topic after submitting it. The harassment, bullying, and sexism that can exist around cosplaying is a great bit to include. Sad as it is, it's become such a prominent aspect of being a cosplayer. – ApeX 9 years ago
  • Yeah; I'd love to see this in the Arts section. It's a huge topic with a lot of angles, so maybe it's worthy of more than one article. In the Arts section, a focus in the article could be an examination of all the custom-made pieces that often go into elaborate costumes -- not only sewing, but custom jewelry and metal-casting for buttons or other embellishments; wood-carving; etc. – Monique 9 years ago
  • One aspect that would be good to explore is the movement from a craft and skill (I made this!), to a consumer culture (I BOUGHT this!). How the second has (potentially) diluted the attention and appreciate of the art the first represents. – carboncopyben 9 years ago

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