Crafting in Video Games: How it has evolved

Crafting in video games specifically large scale ones like RPG’s are almost required now a days. It seems not only is crafting required in RPG’s but also adventure games such as Minecraft. Crafting is being used more and more as a game mechanic and it would be interesting to see how it has evolved over the years. To my knowledge the most unique form of crafting has been with Minecraft with it’s item placement.

  • There are a couple of things crafting does in video games, generally speaking: it forces the players (or rather, gives them cause) to look closer at the game world, and at more of it, in order to harvest or collect components. Rare ingredients, carefully placed, can inspire players to explore parts of the world they might not have bothered with otherwise. I find that I visually interact with the world differently (even in the same game) when I'm playing a character that harvests ingredients than when I'm playing a character who doesn't -- I look for different visual cues and go different places. But the actual making of things allows (usually) a player to custom-create items not otherwise available, or available in that form. Even changing the color of a cloak or shield can make a huge difference in terms of creating a visual that more closely represents the character you're playing, which matters tremendously for immersion. Customizing the game in any way adds to the experience overall, and extends game play. But the great thing about crafting is that (usually) it's a completely by-passable activity, for those who hate doing it. Best of both worlds. – Monique 9 years ago

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