Disney Princesses and Progression

With equality and the rise of awareness of the LGBTQIA, is Disney heading in the right direction with their films? Should their next princess be part of that, and how would that affect their supporters? Or maybe it’s time for the first Disney Prince movie?

  • What's an example of a princess who is "getting better" so to speak? Or is your topic just saying that they should get better? – Tatijana 9 years ago
  • Oh, interesting! I think 'Mulan' would be a good starting point here, the tale of a girl disguising self as a man and flourishing in a man's role. – CalvinLaw 9 years ago
  • Your last question is provocative. My first instinct was "No, it's little girls that are the primary audience for Disney films!", but then realized that perhaps that's because there are no Disney Prince films. – Katheryn 8 years ago

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