Diversity in Comics

Comics have been done a better job with representation than most other mediums; however even though we see more sexualities, genders, and races, many of them are still being produced by cis caucasian writers. Do people who are not affected by the oppressive manners of a nation able to tell an honest story or are we taking opportunity away from the writers who can?

(ex. Strange Fruit is a comic made by a white creative team on the topic of racism in the American south for instance, so it’s more a question of authority and credibility. Can people who do not have a glass ceiling over their heads have the ability to write about people who do without bias interfering?)

  • For the first sentence, the comma after the word "mediums" should be changed to a semi-colon. Then, the word "and" between "story" and "we" in the second sentence should be rewritten as "or" instead. – dsoumilas 9 years ago
  • I believe they can but they'd have to be really, really careful about how they approach their subject matter, and if you side with me, then it'd be great to bring up specific examples. For example, "Saga" is written by a cis white male writer, and it's a fantastic and very diverse comic. On the other hand (for something more realistic), "Incognegro" is written by a mix-race male, and I don't think that type of comic could have been written correctly by a cis white male author. So yeah, fun stuff. – CaptainSwift 9 years ago
  • I think that people are able to accurately tell a story from a perspective of a cultural group other than their own, but that it requires research and more thought than when writing through your own personal culture. No matter who writes, there will be bias and stereotypes, even about your own culture, that you include. – nsnow 9 years ago
  • I worry lately that some of the diversity they're adding is sloppily done for PR purposes. This is an interesting topic. – SomeOtherAmazon 9 years ago

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