Documentaries and their social/political/individual impacts

A study of some of the most mind-blowing, scandalous, revealing and interesting documentaries in your opinion. As this topic is very broad, try make it personal and focus on 5 documentaries, but explain in d├ętails why you consider them so strong. How have they been received? How wide was their impact? Did any of the things they have denounced have changed now? Why have they been so entertaining and stimulating?
Some of my favourites to give you ideas: Food Inc, Dark Side of the Moon, The Beatles Anthology, Jean Michel Basquiat, The Radiant Child

  • I believe everyone who loves movies should watch _This Film is not yet Rated_ (2006), which is about the MPAA: who's on the "anonymous" panel, how they rate movies, how the industry is affected by their decisions (particularly how indie movies w/non-mainstream messages are suppressed), and how they serve the interests of the seven entertainment corporations that create/distribute 90+% of the movies we see. It's a must-see movie for people who love movies. – Monique 7 years ago

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