Does social media enhance self expression or stifle it?

I propose an exploration of the ways social media enhances our self expression by

-creating an online space to present art
-enabling us to network and collaborate in a way that over comes times/space boundaries
-invites us to make new expressions of identities through self presentation

I yet it also stifles self expression by

-creating a new anxiety about the value of our creative expressions as we constantly compare to others
-focus on sharing to advance career – takes our self expressions and commodifies them
-changing our behaviour as we develop a self awareness about the need to appeal to an audience

I’d like to read an article about these issues and others, that really gets in to the topic of online representation as commodification of the body and self.

The anxieties of social media are often shallowely grazed over. It would be great to see some detailed discussions and personal lived experiences of this.

How does it feel to be in a world where you are rendered invisible without an online presence? Where you are excluded from so many areas of work unless you are comfortable with sharing yourself? How are personal and professional lives colliding and what are the implications of this?

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