Does the female superhero fulfil another patriarchal ideal?

Marvel have launched a new comic book – A-Force – depicting a race of female Avengers, led by She-Hulk. In their skin-tight, low-cut outfits, we might ask: is the over-sexualisation of these female superheroes really that empowering?

  • It might also be a good idea to discuss how the outfits serve both male and female characters differently and/or similarly--this will help inform the discussion about whether such outfits are specifically drawn to sexualize women's bodies or if men and women's bodies are treated the same. – CriticalOtaku 9 years ago
  • I think you could also relate this to the real world today; i.e. how woman are being undermined in the work force today, how they are being sexualized in ads, etc. – amdeit88 9 years ago

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