Does the hero's journey ever fully encompass a true human experience?

Since the beginning of language man has entertained himself with storytelling. These anecdotal stories and most popular chronicles at that usually follow the same exact ‘hero’s journey’ formula. But does this form ever truly encompass humanity? We are constantly exposed to the hero’s journey and the outcomes of the triumph of one side or another (good or evil, man vs. Nature ect), but does humanity exclude the reality of the accurate human experience for the sake of mass amusement? Analyze why the hero’s journey could possibly not truly represent the nature of humanity and why this particular set of storytelling guidelines translates so well to an mass audience who will most likely never amount to heroic status.

  • I think the hero's journey is flexible enough to encompass the human experience because a character doesn't necessarily have to make it full circle. There are many stories where the hero isn't able to overcome the tests he meets in the underworld - and he doesn't come back with a boon to society. A happy ending is not obligatory in the hero's journey - it's just that the hero *might* come back. Yet, at the same time, even with an unhappy ending, the cycle reminds us of what might have been or of what was possible, if that makes sense. – LisaDee 8 years ago
  • I agree that cliche is such a damning critque. – sktthemes 8 years ago

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