Emerging critical analysis on contemporary arts by their target audience

In recent times, it has become common for the people who are meant to consume media, or those who genuinely partake in the fandoms of such media, to scrutinize it and break it down — technically, thematically, and generally. For example, Transformers is a show aimed at 7-14 year olds, and it also has a strong outer demographic of 18 . The fandom is highly critical of the TV shows, video games, comics etc, and it has gotten to the point where things are broken down within 10 minutes of the media being released (or the episode being aired). Transformers is just one example; other examples may be found and used. This article could analyze this phenomenon, and perhaps look into why/how it came to be — an analysis of the analysis of the arts, so to speak.

  • This is an awesome topic and should be explored further! Targeting an audience while writing is crucial! You must know your audience to be able to produce the content and media that they will share and enjoy. – Morgan Muller 9 years ago

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