Examine the Themes of Matrix: Resurrections

Matrix: Resurrections released in 2021 and returned viewers to the world that was built on in the previous trilogy. The first movie, The Matrix (1999) has been confirmed by the Wachowskis to be a trans allegory on some level, and the meaning of the first trilogy is still debated. The topic taker should examine if the themes of the most recent film add something to the trilogy’s discourse. Along with that, the topic taker should examine if any allegories are made within Matrix: Resurrections. Specifically, the topic taker should aim to answer the following question after their theme and allegory analysis:

Does Matrix: Resurrections provide any meaning to where society finds itself with technology and the rise of AI?

The topic taker is free to go into the history of the Matrix as a whole, including how it was produced to see if there are any similarities to how Resurrections was produced and if the new film took this history and the discourse surrounding the original trilogy into consideration. The topic taker can, of course, include any research on this topic that they wish. For example, if following the trans allegory of the original Matrix helps establish something that Resurrections is conveying, please include that in your analysis!

Link to an interview excerpt by Lilly about The Matrix’s trans allegory: (link)

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