Family Dynamics in Popular Sitcoms

Many popular sitcoms in recent memory prominently feature families (Modern Family, The Middle, The Goldbergs), and networks like ABC frequently roll out new family sitcoms (Blackish, Fresh Off the Boat). What is it about the family unit and family dynamics that makes the family such a popular subject in sitcoms? What do these shows attempt to say about families? What does this say about families within our culture, in general?

  • The secret behind the success of the family sit-com is largely down to the massive scope of audience members it can pull in. It is literally for the entire family. There is a type of humour for whoever you are, and these types of humour are often represented by the characters of the families (I think The Simpsons is probably the perfect example). Obviously each show needs a quirk and these will distinguish themselves from the other shows that are fundamentally the same. Modern Family has the variety of families down (A. Average/stereotypical family B. The gay couple with adopted child C. Multi-cultural family) as well as the fact it is filmed like a mockumentary. The with something like the Goldbergs which is loosely based off of the show's creator's own home videos. Whoever does write this don't forget about the animated shows like The Simpsons, Family Guy etc. – Jamie White 9 years ago

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