Famous dresses and feminism

I would like to open the debate on the recent event that took the internet by storm: Kim Kardashian wearing Marilyn Monroe’s dress at the Met Gala. Opinions were divided. Conservationists and film historians pointed that a 60 year old dress, which was already fragile to begin with would be damaged beyond repair by being worn by someone other than MM (the dress had been sown on her), while other people pointed that Kim K looked nice in the dress and that women shouldn’t take other women down.
Are historians wrong in wanting to preserve the image of an icon intact, as represented by the dress? Is the dress just a dress, should we get over ourselves and champion Kim Kardashian for her boldness in paying homage to Marilyn?

  • Sounds like this topic would be more suited for a debate. However, it doesn't seem to match the categories of The Artifice. – Beaucephalis 2 years ago

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