Fashion and cinema

A study of some (all them would take a very long time!) famous fashion designers who worked for films that became classics, and in which costumes were particularly prominent. Think about how some designers also had/have their muse, often actors or actresses, and how they have formed a solid partneship over the years. I am thinking about Yves Saint Laurent and Catherine Deneuve, Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn, Jean Paul Gautier for The Fifth Element, Manolo Blanhik for Marie Antoinette,

  • oooh this is very interesting. You could also add in about Disney's Cinderella and who the fashion in that had it's own exhibition in Leicester Square and how the designer of Bella's Twilight wedding dress was invited to the premiere of the Twilight film. Also could add all about how films can influence fashion – wierdbuthatsok 7 years ago

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