Fat Characters on Television

The representation of fatness on television happens in a myriad of ways in modern television. Sometimes this is with diversity, sensitivity, and real life reference. Other times, fatness is rejected on television. There is also often a spectrum of an acceptable level of fatness. Trace how these representations occur in modern television in dichotomous and often contradictory ways. This could include an analysis of a specific fat television character, the impact of gender, age, and race on representations of fatness, and/or tracing the history of television representations of fat characters.

  • This is a great topic and a well-mapped thesis, however, it's a bit broad for the length of an article-- this reads more like a chunk of a thesis proposal than a prompt for a journal entry. I would recommend narrowing this topic down by genre (e.g.: animated sitcom, children's media, family drama, etc.) by sub-group (e.g.: specifically white men, specifically black women, etc.) or by decade (e.g. sitcoms in the 1970s versus 2010s sitcoms; 1960s advertising versus 1980s advertising, etc.). This is fertile ground, but you should probably zero in on a specific subtopic. – TheCropsey 4 years ago
  • The TV show This Is Us has approached this from probably one of the more sympathetic and relatable perspectives. There is a lot in that show that could be discussed in regards to this topic. – tclaytor 4 years ago

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