Fatal flaws of the Superhero films

Superhero movies are some of the most popular movies coming out today. After so many being released at this point, and two major comic book film universes, some people are getting "superhero fatigue". What that means is that people are starting to get tired of these movies, and are accused of being all the same. What are some patterns and flaws that are commonly seen in superhero movies?

  • I'd say removing the part about superhero fatigue from this topic would make it sound a bit better. It really has nothing to do with exploring the patterns and flaws of the recent superhero films that have come out. I'd say box office records and an influx of social media superhero presence would make the "some" people who are tired of the movies irrelevant. – Steven Gonzales 7 years ago
  • A fatal flaw that should also be examined is their balance between trying to make differences with the superhero to draw in fans, but risk alienating fans of the actual comic. This attempt to balance between the two has been one of the defining factors for superhero movies. – shugo828 7 years ago
  • To me it is the reliance on CGI at the expense of story. There come a point when I get bored watching computer generated bots fighting each other; it has to have meaning from a character/plot perspective for me to feel satisfied leaving the theatre. – Jeff MacLeod 7 years ago
  • A very common plot trope is the superhero being educated in humility when his/her closest ones land in danger/or are killed of. The superhero then channels their inner zen to take the battle straight to the enemy, sometimes sacrificing themselves for added dramatic touch when they realise that some of their closest aids were the ones who sold the superhero out to the enemy. This is followed by some scenes of repentance and the superhero is back alive to embrace his now reformed people. A special scene at thee d refers to the villain of the sequel. Keep the money rolling. – Dr. Vishnu Unnithan 4 years ago

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